Thursday, May 28, 2009

Her Regal Bearing

Beautiful tree bearing regal red flowers... high-quality reproductions for sale now on Imagekind.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Pirate's Tale

This is my final painting from my Situation and Environment class with Zhaoming Wu. I enjoyed pondering the subject's 'pirate-y' adventures as I painted.

On another note, although my paintings made the cut list for my school's Spring Show they didn't get hung. But there is some excellent work in the show, my favourite being a piece entitled Wednesday Afternoon by a classmate in the fine art field, Jeff Merrill. I also enjoyed seeing work by other Situation and Environment classmates: Swarupa Chavan, Fongwei Liu and Jonathan Ahn. Also, in the illustration field there's some great work by Jen Oaks, Santiago Casares, Forest Stearns and many others. I can't forget to mention my friend Stephanie Penland in the MFA graphic design department whose book arts project is on display.

Make sure you check out the show if you're in the Bay Area!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Show 2009

Happy news: My artwork has made the cut and will (if space permits) be part of the elite Academy of Art University's Spring Show on display from May 21 - June 11 at 601 Brannan Street, San Francisco.

Opening Reception is May 21 at about 7 pm. The show continues 10 am - 6 pm until June 11 and is closed Sundays and holidays. Hope to see you there. Thanks!

View last year's show here.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Painting Jann Arden

So this is another painting I'm working on. The subject matter is Jann Arden in concert (one I attended in 2007 in Calgary) with her guitarists Russell Broom and Graham Powell. An amazing concert I hope to catch the spirit of in this painting!

The first image is the drawing and composing the layout of the canvas. Then the next is laying in the value pattern and color choices. The original canvas is 22"x28" horizontal. Something I've noticed as I've been painting is that I need cooler reds and purples in order to get the right light on the stage and where it's reflecting on Jann's back. I'm enjoying trying to capture each person's attitude in their gesture and proportion, as well as color.

Original available for purchase.
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