Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A New Creation

This piece was inspired by Hawaii and the beach... and maybe a butterfly stopped by?

This is also the first painting I completed solely with the new Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylics. I was impressed first with the buttery consistency of the paint which reminds me of working with oils. Also as it has a slower drying time I was able to blend it more like I would with oils. Formerly to make the paint flow I would add more water, and I'm told this breaks down the pigment's tinting strength. With this painting I used less water as the paint itself flowed nicely.

The colors do seem pretty vivid though I still want to check out the darkness of the final painting as compared to the out of the tube hue. And although the paint dries slower than other acrylic brands I found within about a half hour of my final brush stroke the whole painting was dry. (I didn't use a hair dryer and I don't paint that thick).

Overall I was quite pleased and hope my local art stores will begin to carry this brand!


Jonny said...

Beth, your attention to detail, and incredible understanding of depth and light is so inspiring. I absolutely love your work! I always forget to come check out what you've been working on lately. Are you still using illustrator much, or focusing on other mediums instead?

Also, Thanks for the feedback on my post! I added a link to your blog on my blog, so hopefully my one reader will also check out your blog :)

bekava said...

Hi Jonny,
Nope not focusing on computer much at all for creating the art - all hand done by acrylic painting. Thanks for the link!

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